The leader of the Enlightened Christian Gathering Shepherd Bushiri is now facing rape charges. Two women have come out accusing him of r_ape.

Bushiri was already facing money laundering and fraud charges. The police confirmed that the man of cloth was now facing r_ape charges on top of other charges he is already facing.

The first victim, a young woman named Thandi revealed that Bushiri lured her to his church. He then took her to a secluded place where he forced himself on her.

Bushiri then threw her clothes along with  R5000 to her face. Thandi confessed to taking the money but now she wants justice as she was forced into s_exual intercourse.


His second victim Lerato said Bushiri told her to attend his church ECG. After some time he took her to a hotel where he forced himself on her. He then gave her R5000 so she could not report him.

Both Thandi and Lerato revealed that they are still traumatised. They could not report the matter earlier because they feared the Prophet.

In 2018, Bushiri was accused of r_ape by another church member at a time when the Hawks were investigating him.