Musical artist Toya Delazy has been working hard to bring us new and exciting music. She has since moved to overseas, Toya moved to the United Kingdom in 2016.

She said Coronavirus has had a negative effect on her work as an artist. She had to cancel her tours and also live performances are still not permitted.

Toya Delazy started doing live production shows, she also did a show dedicated to Africa Day in May. Delazy has been doing all performances indoors since lockdown began.

Right now Toya said she was traveling around France, shooting some videos as well as holidaying around Paris and Europe at large. Before France she was in Barcelona, Spain.

Toya revealed that she recently dropped a new single titled, “Find Di Boy”. She said the song is all about love and expectations versus reality.

She concluded by urging women to examine their bodies now and then and also to take good care of their health. She found out that she had cancer cells which were then removed.