Media personality Khanyi Mbau is one of the South African celebrities who have been open about undergoing skin bleaching and cosmetic surgery.

The whole bleaching done by Khanyi has been an issue to so many people. It was very unpopular and very rare in South Africa.

Khanyi went from being black to white within a short space of time, something that was rejected by many in Mzansi. Khanyi Mbau however seemed un bothered about it.

Talking to MacG on his podcast Khanyi revealed that she had her br_easts and cheeks done. She also disclosed her bleaching and why she did it.

The actress recently posted a picture on Twitter with a caption that left many tweeps unimpressed. Khanyi wrote,”Keeping it white, but still in black.”

Some tweeps said she was keeping her skin white while she was black at heart. The Twitter critic Tracy Zille also added her voice. She said:

“I am not okay, Khanyi Mbau tweeted ‘Fake people’, but she is the one who is more fake than the whole of South Africa. Her skin color is fake, her lips are fake, her b_ooty is fake, her hair belongs to a dead white woman, in fact she is just a Michael Jackson fake.”