Actress Sophie Lichaba and Max Lichaba got married in December 2017 in Italy. The event was attended by only few friends and close family. They tried by all means to make it private.

The couple has been through a lot together. Max Lichaba revealed how he was told by many people not to marry his then girlfriend Sophie Lichaba because of their age difference. Sophie is almost 9 years older than Max.

Sophie also said women used to call Max warning him not to marry her saying she was dying. Sophie Lichaba has been in and out of hospital in the past few years due to diabetes.

Despite all this Max said he is proud to have made his own decision regarding his relationship with Sophie. He added that he does not regret ever marrying the actress.

Max and Sophie Lichaba have managed to keep much of their private life away from the public eye. Max has also been by his wife’s side through her battle with diabetes.

However a few pictures they shared on Instagram are evidence that the couple is in love and they have a strong relationship.