In this emotional third episode of Healing With Sophie and Gugu, Sophie Lichaba speaks to Sihle Seleke (Sibisi) about the death of her two husbands and the painful events that followed.

Sihle explained that she married her first husband whom she had met at varsity. After 4 months of the marriage , when she was heavily pregnant, she and her husband had some disagreements.

One day, sihle received a strange call from her mother in law’s mother saying the words ‘You have slaughtered your cow, now you can eat’ before the call was dropped.

Sihle later found out from a friend that her husband, Tsepo, had died. Sihle’s mother in law did not allow her to be part of the funeral arrangements.


Sihle was only allowed to attend the funeral after obtaining a court order.

While at the funeral, speakers accused her of killing Tsepo.

Sihle explained that she gave birth and was now a single mother. At which point she met her husband who was a lawyer.

Her second husband had two children of his own and he was also widowed.

They lived together for 5 years. During that time, they raised their 4 children together as a family (They had one child together).

On the 5th year, Sihle’s second husband was shot and killed in front of the family by hitman.

Her husband left instructions that there should be no singing and praying for a week.

After the funeral, the aunts took the two Child that had came with her secobd husband and did not allow Sihle and the other two children to see them.

Sihle would drive to the Free State every two months to see the children but would not be allowed to see them.

Eventually, Sihle got a court order to see the children. However, the children blamed her for abandoning them.

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