Former Generations actor Sophie Lichaba and DJ Tira’s wife Gugu Khati’s new show titled “Healing with Sophie and Gugu” premiered their second episode.

Gugu hosted Nothando, who was married to a Pastor’s Kid (PK). Nothando talked about being in love with someone she had only dated for a short time and didn’t know much about him.

Nothando said growing up in a setup where marriage was vital and divorce regarded as a sin, she fell in love with a church brother and within a period of nine months, they married each other.


Nothando went on to say that after 10 years of marriage, she discovered that she wasn’t happy and her husband was no longer the same.

Nothando revealed that she suffered depression and had three miscarriages.

She chose to divorce in order to be happy in life. She added that she received several criticisms from friends  but her parents were always on her side.

Although her choices became the talk of the town , she had no other option than to choose to be happy in life.