Duduzane Zuma spoke with Craig Kurger, Chairman of Limitless world about the petroleum industry in South Africa.

Kruger spoke about the wholesale licencing and how the field is not even because companies like Engen and Chevron are refiners and at the same time have garages.

Kruger said the big players are controlling the full supply chain.

Duduzane said the regulator seems to be silent when it comes to make decisions. Duduzane asked if this is because the regulator is getting a share of the proceeds from the big players.



Kruger said the key problem under covid is that because of the uneven playing field, the big players supply the tanks. In terms of the wholesale licences, he can import, but they can only store it in the tanks of the big players.

The cost of bringing a tank-tainer of bringing fuel from Dubai is too high. Kruger said the small players should be allowed the option to form their own syndicate.

Kruger said the department of energy has not amended the Petroleum ACT to keep these monopolies in place. The Petroleum Act has been sitting at the department and ais not moving.

The retailers association is in place but the wholesalers association has not gathered momentum because it has been frustrated. Kruger said a more uniform platform should be established between the retailers and wholesalers so that they can engage directly with government.

Duduzane said the