Actress Pearl Thusi refused to back down from attacks directed to her by fellow South Africans on Twitter after she took the foreigners’ side by saying no to xenophobia.

Tweeps have been bashing her from all sides and they even started a #PearlThusiMustFall. One tweep commented that she thinks she is Mama Africa.

Pearl Thusi responded by saying, “Thank you to whoever said she thinks she is Mama Africa because now everyone is calling me Mama Africa”.

Pearl Thusi has been speaking up against xenophobia and advocating for South Africans to treat other Africans better.

“Killing African nationals residing in South Africa is something I would never defend. Defending borders drawn by colonizers will never be something I limit myself with”, she once tweeted.

She also pointed at the real cause of problems in South Africa and she made it clear that it was never Africans.