Sho Madjozi took to Twitter to explain what happened to the remix of “Own It” by UK rapper Stormzy, Ed Sheeran and Burna Boy which she was featured in.

The remix was released last month but has allegedly been taken down. Sho Madjozi has now provided details to why this happened.

Sho said after she was nominated alongside the Nigerian artist Burna Boy for the BET Best International Act, the musician asked for the song to be taken down immediately.

Sho Madjozi added that last year, she and Burna Boy were cool at the BETs. However it seemed her efforts for the past year have been a threat to him.

“Personally I am happy with the work I have done in the past year. John Cena was an international phenomenon. I did that,” she continued.

She concluded by saying the Nigerian rapper was shaking because they were nominated on the same category.