Kuli Roberts joined Afternoon Express to shed more light on how she is using her personality to fight injustices towards people living with Albinism.

Kuli said people needed to change the way they view those living with albinism. She said she wanted to stop stigmatisation of the word Albino as some were using it as a “label”.

The actress said that people living with albinism must be respected. She revealed that Black people were in the habit of killing those living with albinism.

She added that people living with albinism were beautiful and there was no need to chop them for superstitious reasons. Kuli said everyone must start treating those people living with albinism better.

Kuli Roberts said people must show dignity to those living with albinism because they are Black and human.

She added that it was up to everyone to spread awareness at schools, churches and home. She also encouraged people to speak up against injustices towards those living with albinism. Kuli urged people to donate with whatever they afford to help.