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WATCH : BEST Uyajola 9/9 Episode : Gift And Rose

On yesterday’s episode of Uyajola 99 Rose told JubJub that her husband Gift has been cheating on her for so many years.

When the Uyajola 99 team followed Gift to where he was, he refused to open for them and they stayed there for the whole night. Later on Gift’s girlfriend named Busi opened for them after Gift has escaped.

Busi told them that she knew about Rose and that they are going through a divorce with Gift, also revealing that she has been with Gift for 3 years now.

However, JubJub wanted to hear Gift’s side of story and they managed to get where he was. Gift revealed that Rose has been cheating on him since 2009 and she would go and sleep with other married man while leaving him at home.

He even said he will be aroused the whole night and not get anything from Rose hence he went out because he is still active and still want to have more kids.

Rose on her side, she said Gift sent her divorce papers 3 years ago but as long she is still married to him on paper, she will expose him and will also sue his girlfriend Busi, which left JubJub amazed as it was his first time to hear that.