Many South Africans planning to have a great wedding have been left in tears after one of Western Cape’s established wedding coordinators Mario Boffa of Mozzafiato vanished with their money before offering the services.

By the age of 29 he has done celebrity weddings and some of them were featured on lifestyle shows. One couple paid him over 44 thousand Rands for coordination and decor services.

Another couple also revealed that they paid 50 percent of the money as deposit for his services. Both couples later received emails from Mario saying that his company has been liquidated.

They tried contacting him but he was not reachable. They drove to his place of business and they found the place vacated, only the logo was left.

Mario had left for Thailand to take up a teaching position. Covid-19 derailed his plans and while in Thailand he posted videos calling for well wishers to help him raise funds for South Africans stranded in Thailand.

After seeing this video those who had been robbed by him raised alarm. He later appeared apologising saying he was not able to pay back all those who paid him for services he never delivered. He said his company was liquidated and that he has left the wedding planning business.

Another couple had paid over 28 thousand Rands and was due to pay another 10 thousand Rands before they saw the videos.

In his defense he claimed that he only took the money in a bid to try and rescue his falling business and it was never a scam or a robbery.