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WATCH : Basetsana Kumalo At Soweto Family Home

Basetsana Kumalo was Miss South Africa in 1994. She went on to present the iconic lifestyle show, Top Billing, before switching to the other side of the camera and building a number of successful businesses.

Top Billing met the Kumalo family, usually kept private, but Bassie made an exception and invited them to a family lunch at her beautiful home. 

Having been in the public eye for more than 25 years, Bassie Khumalo has reached great admiration and fascination for the milestones she has achieved in her life.

Bassie Kumalo has launched her autobiography “My Journey of Hope” where it puts the reader in Bassie’s shoes as she navigated these epic years for her country.

The book launch was packed with the who is who in media. Many told how Bassie inspired their careers and shaped their view of a young and successful black woman, especially being the first Miss South Africa having a full time job with Top Billing.