According to Hot Mzanzi YouTube Channel, Khama Billiat performs the following rituals before every game:

  1. Rest

Billiat rests before every match. He goes to bed early before every game day.

2. Short Workout

On the morning of a game he does a short workout. In addition Khama does 100 pushups every morning.


3. Switching to Match Mode

On match day. Khama arrives at the stadium more focused than ever. He listens to hip hop music before every match.

4. Diet

Khama eats a high protein diet with lots of fruits and vegetables.

5 Mental Preparation

Before the match he prepares his mind. Before taking a free kick Khama takes three deep breaths.

6. Hot and Cold Baths

Khama takes contrast baths for recovery for 30 minutes. He alternates between a hot bath and a cold bath!

There you have it.