Sarah Langa is a South African model, fashion & beauty blogger and influencer who is well known for her fashion blogs. She graduated from Wits University.

She got married to a wealthy businessman known as Jehan Mackay in 2016 in a lavish wedding ceremony.

In her closet she showed off a pair of Dolce and Gabbana shoes which she said were her favourite.

She has a glam section where she keeps most of her evening wear for special occasions. There is a section for blazers because she is in love with blazers.


There is also a section of her funky shoes. Sarah also has a fragrance collection in her closet.

She also has a Louis Vuitton wall, where she keeps her Louis Vuitton pieces. Sarah has a red bottom wall where she keeps her red bottom shoes.

She also showed off her belt  which she bought for R100 000. She also has a lot of Chanel vintage belts.