AKA Throws Shade At The Broom Challenge


AKA once announced that he was going to do a “Fees must fall” concert to help students in February but he however announced again that he was postponing it.

This might have skipped some fans and one fan twitted asking what happened to this show. A number of fans started responding to the tweet eager to know what stopped the concert.

AKA who might have been in a bad mood responded to the tweet in a rude way which many people didn’t like. He tweeted, “What guys is you guys are busy balancing brooms and doing other dump sh**.”

The balancing brooms challenge has been trending the past week and people were really enjoying it. So they weren’t happy when he addressed it as dump.

Sizwe Dhlomo also joined the thread arguing that the broom challenge is not dump. He responded, “Balancing brooms is not dump at all… it’s good practice for balancing books.”