ANC Zuma Backers Press Conference,12 Feb


“Hands Off Zuma ,Arrest de Klerk” is the slogan that was chanted by Jacob Zuma’s supporters at the press conference organised specifically to warn people to leave Zuma alone.

Gauteng Radical Economic Transformation president Zuma support group in their press statement said that Zuma’s arrest warrant was a travesty against justice after his lawyers presented his medical document. They say that Justice Pillay ‘s decision to issue an arrest warrant was was very reckless.

The backers require the same treatment that president FW de Klerk was given to be afforded to Zuma as well. All in all the backers expressed displeasure at the fact that when de Klerk failed to attend his hearing years back because of an illness,the ANC spokesperson issues a warm message for him to get well soon, now President Zuma is in the same situation the ANC spokesperson openly doubts Zuma’s illness.

The supporters plan amongst other things:

-to welcome president Jacob Zuma at OR Tambo on the day that he arrives from overseas where he is currently undergoing medical treatment,

-to march to the head office of the ANC Luthuli house to present a memorandum of their demands to their leaders on the 4th of May 2020.

-5th May,proceed with the march to the National Prosecution Authority (NPA)

-6th May on the day of Zuma’s pretrial to gather outside the court in solidarity with president Zuma.