Man filmed peeping at other men at Mall of Africa Toilets


Dezra Ore(20) was traumatised on the 7th of February when he caught a random man peeping underneath his bathroom stall.

The young man who works at a retailer in the Mall Of Africa decided to record a video of the creep after he realised that he was not going anywhere.

Dezra told News24 that he saw a man standing in the bathroom but paid little attention to him as he was in desperate need of a toilet. Once inside the room he saw a lot of movement from outside his door that’s when he started recording when the man started peeping at him.

On twitter Dezra mentioned that he had to stay in the cubicle for a whole 30 minutes because he was still freaked out and a bit shaky.

The creep’s face can be clearly seen, however no name has been attached to it yet.